Central Mass ASGA
A Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association
             A maximum of two (2) mulligans per player may be purchased
    -May only be used by the purchaser and cannot be transferred to another player.
    -Can only be used at the event where purchased.
    -Must be played if the player announces a Mulligan.  The original shot is forfeited.

    PRIZE POOL ($5.00 - OPTIONAL):
    A player must contribute to the pool to be eligible for tournament prizes.
    First, Second and Third Place tournament prize money is taken from this pool.
                  The amount of prize money is determined by the amount of money collected in the $5 Prize Pool:
    1st Place Team:        50% of the $5 Prize Pool
    2nd Place Team:       30% of the $5 Prize Pool
    3rd Place Team:        20% of the $5 Prize Pool
       Team prizes will be awarded in the form of “ASGA Bucks” for use in future tournaments.
                “ASGA Bucks” expire after the last tournament of the year.
    In the event of a tie for any of the top three positions, the tiebreaker will be determined by a match of
    cards of the best score on the number one handicap hole.  If still tied, the next handicap hole will be
    matched, and so forth.  

    CLOSEST TO THE PIN CONTEST (TBD at each event):
    All participants are eligible
    The ball must be on the green
    Only original tee shots are eligible, mulligan shots do not count
    Winner will be awarded $10.00 CASH (for each hole); taken from the mulligan funds

    Only Central Mass ASGA Members in good standing are eligible to win.
    Eligibility begins the day/time your dues payment is received by the national chapter and continues
    for one (1) year thereafter.
    Hole-In-One MUST be witnessed and attested to by the other 3 playing partners.
    Hole-In-One must be made from the teeing ground (designated tee box), holed out in
    one stroke on the designated par 3.
    Mulligan shots do not count.
    Valid for the first person who makes a hole-in-one only.
    Completed scorecard must be submitted.
    USGA rules apply in all cases.
    All Judgments are at the sole discretion of Central Mass ASGA.  All decisions are final.

    If your team has less than four players, see Kim Tartatini for scoring rules.

    All participants must be familiar with and abide by the golf course's rules.
    Contact the golf course Proshop or Kim Tartarini for any rules questions.

  • Cancellation of play, due to rain, is at the discretion of golf course management.
  • Any player who decides not to play, due to weather conditions, will not be issued a credit,  unless the
    golf course management decides to issue such credits.
  • Play must be suspended immediately if there is thunder/lightning in the area.
  • If it starts to rain, each team may take a one-half hour rain delay time out.
  • If at least one team continues play through a rain delay, the other teams must continue play or
    withdraw from the tournament after their one-half hour rain delay time out.
  • If ALL teams come off the course and stop playing for over one-half hour, and conditions clear, ALL
    teams must want to participate, for the tournament to continue.
  • The last hole played by the last team, will be the last hole that is counted by all of the teams, should
    the tournament be terminated.

    If the last team decides it is too dark for them to continue, then their last hole played, will be the last
    official hole counted by all other teams.