Central Mass ASGA
A Chapter of the American Singles Golf Association
Green Hill Golf Club    ***Final Results***
Saturday, May 9th                                      Modified 2 Best Ball
Closest to the Pin - Hole #8
Andy Lipast - 16' 3"   ($10 Cash)
Closest to the Pin - Hole #15
Peggy Gilfoy  ($10 Cash)

Team # 3 -173
A- Dave Maxwell
B- Carmine Plumley
C- Carol Bingham (draw)
D- Peggy Gilfoy

Team # 4 -173
A- Les McCoy
B- Beth Titus                                                   
C- Howard Weinman                                           
D- Alison Nadell

Team # 5 - 173
A-Andy Lipasti
B- Kathy Rovnak
C- Janet Carter
D- Lynne O'Riorden   
3rd Place   Score: 171
$5 Each
Team #2

A- Dave Porowski
B-Linda Wilson
C- Carol Bingham (draw)
D- Jan Yost
2nd Place   Score: 162
$10 Each
Team #1

A-Roland Larson
B- Noreen Gillen
C- Carol Bingham      
D- Pat King
1st Place   Score: 158
$15 Each
Team #6

A- Peter Folta
B- Noreen Gillen (draw)
C- John Gauvin
D- Pat Rondinone